Team Leader Optics

A propos de l’entreprise

Nous recrutons pour notre client, société multinationale en démarrage qui opère dans le secteur de l'industrie automobile un "Team Leader Optics"


Job related responsibilities :

- Responsibility for leading an optical team in development

- Responsibility for product assignment and team development priorities

- Providing professional training and development of new workers Collaboration with universities (bachelor's, master's, trainee program)

- Ensuring sufficient SW / HW equipment for team members Selective division of design competencies between individual team members and their "balance" in the interests of substitutability

- Solving operational tasks related to customer requirements

- Solving operational tasks related to customer requirements

- Participation in the preparation of new product calculations, technical support in the development of new business

- Determine the development plan of individual group members Six-month evaluation of PLS tasks


Personal Characteristics and Soft Skills:

- Time management

- Organizational skills

- Proactive approach

- Tasks accomplishing

- Willingness to learn

- Customer orientation

- Result orientation

- Innovative thinking

- Presentation and negotiation skills

- Clear and open communication

Qualification Requirements:

- University degree–Bachelor or Master degree in Optics

- Knowledge of the optical development process and experience with DV / PV tests 3 years of experience in the field as an optical engineer

- English – upperintermediate



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