Tooling coordinator


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We are hiring for our client, Multinational Industrial Company his Tooling coordinator


Tooling coordinator is responsible for delivery of the mould in required quality based on project timing agreed with the project manager.

  • Follows up the design evolution and collaborates on feasibility evaluation during the design phase.
  • Prepares the specification of the moulds for quotation.
  • Communicates during the bidding process with the suppliers, clarifies the conceptual questions of the mold
  • Approves the choice of purchasing department on quotation recap based on technical validity of the offer.
  • Assures the mould concept and dimensions are shared in order to prepare the concept of part extractor from the mould.
  • Communicates the changes of part design in order to make it feasible for molding, approves the concept of the mould with the respect to the part surface quality.
  • Follows up the manufacturing of the mould in order to assure timing and quality of the mould.
  • Participates on the tryouts at the supplier, evaluates the mould robustness, readiness and conformity based on the specification. Assures raw material for molding.
  • Negotiates and shares the timing of the tryout, coordinates the changes on the mould to improve part quality, prepares the report for the mould evaluation.
  • Participates on the final tryout at the supplier in order to give pre-acceptance for the mould before transport.


  • Degree in Machinery, Electro, Economic, Optics, Technology ( 3 to 5 years of experience)
  • MS Office, Windows – good
  • UNIX - basic
  • MS Project – basic
  • CAD data Viewer, Catia - good
  • English
  • Driving Licence gr. B



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